Our Mission

At St Stephen's Day Nursery, we have a mission to benefit our community by providing children with excellent care in a safe and inclusive atmosphere. Within the ethos of our nursery our mission is to create:

  • A respectful community which values and encourages individuality and diversity.
  • A welcoming and caring childcare provision that allows parents peace of mind when their child enters into the early years of their education.
  • A setting where children and staff feel happy, supported, safe and secure.
  • A learning community with a strong sense of values, working in partnership with parents and to provide:
  • A wealth of education and moral experiences
  • Motivation for each child and adult to achieve their full potential at their own pace
  • Recognition of achievements and support in obtaining these goals

Contact Us

Nursery Opening times: 8am to 4pm (Monday to Friday)

427 Brays Road, Sheldon, Birmingham, B26 2RR


Office :0121 742 1788,
Manager: 07565902488,

Ofsted Reg No:2577301