Key Person

Each child at our nursery will be assigned a key person; someone who is responsible for ensuring the children have a safe but enjoyable experience. This way, we can ensure your child is monitored closely and this can be the main point of contact regarding your child's development.

The role of the key person is:
  • To build a trusting relationship with the child and their parent/carer.
  • To inform parents and management of any issues regarding the child or keeping them up to date on how the child is developing.
  • To ensure the happiness and welfare of the child within a stimulating and safe environment.
  • To ensure a smooth settling in procedure for all key children both into the nursery, to their next room and ultimately onto school.
  • To plan and provide a range of stimulating and age appropriate activities for key children to assist with their learning and progression.
  • To value linguistic diversity and provide opportunities for children to develop and use their home language in their play and learning.

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