Message from Manager

At St Stephen's Nursery, recognize the social, economic, cultural diversity of our society and will ensure that no-one feels excluded when they attend our nursery on any grounds.

We promise to:
  • Treat each child, parent and colleague as an individual and respect their religions and cultures.
  • Encourage positive role models, displayed through toys, imaginary play, books and posters that promote non- stereotyped images. All children will be encouraged to join in all activities i.e. dressing up, role play corner, dolls, climbing on large equipment, bikes etc.
  • Celebrate festivals throughout the nursery, ensuring that we include those events that are relevant to the children attending the nursery.
  • Welcome any parent/carer who would like to be involved with widening our education about their cultural or religious beliefs.
  • Provide assistance as requested by our parents/carers that use English as an additional language.
  • Ensure activities are accessible for all children with support provided where necessary.
  • Support the staff team within the nursery with relevant training.
  • The nursery is accessible to all children and families in the local community and further afield through a comprehensive and inclusive admissions policy.
  • Please do not hesitate to contact me for any further information.

Contact Us

Nursery Opening times: 8am to 4pm (Monday to Friday)

427 Brays Road, Sheldon, Birmingham, B26 2RR

Office :0121 742 1788,
Manager: 07565902488,

Ofsted Reg No:2577301